Arrowed Adventures

What’s in a name? I decided to name my blog Abi’s Arrowed Adventures because…


  1. Arrows have been a theme for me since the beginning of this new and latest adventure.  It was kind of an “accident.” I was making ceramic magnets during my spring break, asking people to pray, and I found this arrow stamp and thought it looked pretty cool, but the more I think about it I’m convinced it’s not an accident. Especially since I feel God calling me to the jungles where arrows have been a big part of the people’s lives.
  2. I love the idea of being one who is sent out by someone else and for a purpose.  I also want to be used to send out light and warmth into the dark places.
  3. I see life as an adventure.  There are good times and bad times and in between times, but if I just embrace it as an adventure, it makes everything more bearable. For example, two months ago I was traveling in the Amazon on a boat and suddenly the motor stopped.  We had already been traveling for hours up the river and were many hours from our destination. The boat stopped.  We got out.  I made a video, ending it with, “These two friends are discussing why the boat won’t work, but it’s all part of the adventure.”
  4. I’ve been asking people to give arrow prayers for me.  Handed out magnets with little arrows on them, asked people to give an arrow prayer every time they opened their fridge.  And now, here I am, going on my arrowed adventure, winged by many many prayers from super amazing friends and supporters.
  5. It relates to my new email  address,  Just like arrow prayers, you can send arrow messages. Even one line letting me know how you are or that you’re thinking about me as I embark on the craziest adventure yet would be incredibly appreciated.  I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE so it’d be great to know that I’m not alone in this.
  6. And as one friend reminded me, it sounds like Abi’s HARROWED adventures. Which often happen when I’m galavanting around the world; narrowing missing my plane, train, boat or leaving my computer, iphone, expensive watch or passport in various and sundry locations.  Once again. I can’t do this alone.




3 thoughts on “Arrowed Adventures

  1. Even though I said your adventures are sometimes harrowed, you are still the best travel buddy EVER! I miss our trips, and I cherish the memories with you. Now, go make friends for Jesus Christ!


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