Bible Translation in the Jungle

A New Amazing Story from Wycliffe

This week Wycliffe published a new video on their home page.  You really want to see this one! It’s a short film about one of their teams working on a translation of the New Testament in a remote location in South America, the SAME TEAM that I got to meet and spend time with over Thanksgiving.  I am blown away once again at God’s sovereignty and timing. I have no doubt that He is going to do BIG things in this region of Peru, and I am in awe that He is letting us be a part.

Wycliffe Translation House

Genesis readers published in the heart language of those we ministered to.
Genesis readers published in the heart language of those we ministered to.

These Women Rock!

The woman in the above picture standing by the door is a Peruvian lady who has a huge heart for the Bible-less people along the river and is spending her life working to right that injustice. My favorite part of the video is when she shares through tears, “I want these people to know the God that I know.” Once again, watch this video!

The woman to the right, Selmira, is the first Christian in the village and is ON-FIRE for Jesus.  I so wish you could all meet her.  She is one of the sweetest and most incredible people I’ve ever met. You’ve got to, GOT TO read her story! And if anyone wants to come back with me to Peru, I’ll introduce you to her!

Selmira, who is spending time outside of her village to serve on the translation team so her people can have the scripture in their heart language

Wycliffe Jungle House

Two months out of the year, the team spends time living among the people who they are translating for.  Their house is great, takes three days to get there by boat from the home where most of the translation work takes place in.  It was the house our team stayed in over Thanksgiving–the house with no running water, bathrooms, stove, oven, or electricity.

Wycliffe Jungle House
The home I spent a week in over Thanksgiving

2 thoughts on “Bible Translation in the Jungle

  1. You’re right, Abi. Selmira’s story is a MUST read!! Wow, what a story. I’m glad it was in writing because I have used up way too much data already this month. Don’t want to pay too much overage, so I’ll pass on the video for now. BUT hopefully can watch next month? This is all SO exciting!!


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