My Journey to the Jungle

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So my story begins . . . I started working with refugees from tribal Burma. Women and their preschool babies. And I LOVED it! I thought I had found my life calling.

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And then I went to CROSS Con, a conference focused on unreached people groups. And I heard David Platt say that if every Christian in the world told every single person that they knew about Jesus, and all of them believed, there would still be over 2 billion people who did not know the saving love of Christ.

This rocked me deep to my core. There are over 2 billion people with no access to hearing the good news of Jesus. NO ACCESS! No church, no Bible, no Christian material in their language, no Christians who speak their language . . . nothing!

I decided there would be nothing better for me to spend my life doing than getting some of those people access to the One who has been for me the Fountain of Living Water.

There are two main groups of people with no access: Ones that have no access because of governments restricting access, and ones that have no access because of geography restricting access.

I started stumbling across books in the second category, and was completely fascinated. I’ve read or bought every book I can find about Pioneering Tribal missions. Have read over 50 and am always looking for more . . . suggestions welcome!

I decided I had to know if this was even a possibility for me. Could I live in an indigenous, rural community for the long haul? Long enough to see a healthy reproducing church in that people group and language? I decided to take a vision trip.

Hence, the seven weeks I spent in Peru over Christmas. And I found I LOVED IT! I loved getting to know the people; the children who were super curious and loved to laugh; the women with the babies in the sling on their backs, cooking over an open fire, throwing the dishwater over the short wall, swimming/bathing (fully clothed) in the river.

So I’m going back!

This week, I joined the team in Pucallpa with Pioneers. It’s a launch team. One step to getting out into the jungle is to get a team together and learn about jungle living. The launch team will help me do that.

Can you help me get there?

I need to get additional training at Radius International–a super intense ten-month program training me in language acquisition, cultural acquisition, church planting, translation, etc. It was started by Francis Chan and Brad Buser, located just over the border in Tijuana. School starts July 26, so I have until then to raise my full monthly support of $2,500/mo. 

If you want to give, you can go directly to and give to my account, #112422.

Or, go to the Join My Team page, fill out the contact info, and I’ll get back with you and walk you through the giving process with Pioneers.

Have I said lately that I can’t do this alone? Thank you for all the prayers and support getting me in and out of the jungle for my vision trip. Now, can you pray and give so that I can get back? I am so so thankful for the amazing community that I have and I want you on my team!