About Abi

Abi in the jungle

The most important thing about me is that I am LOVED with a never-ending, never-failing, forever and eternal love by the One who created love and proved His love in the most sacrificial life and death ever seen on this earth.

I recently finished an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University in Atlanta, where I also worked full-time as an ESL/literacy instructor at the Mommy and Me family literacy center, as well as coordinating the enrichment program at Global Village Project, preparing refugee teenage girls for high school.

I began my teaching career in elementary education but transitioned into ESL/EFL, teaching English to university students in China for five semesters.

Upon returning to the States I taught preliterate students ESL in an Intensive English Program with Indiana University before becoming the director there, which made me realize how much I loved the classroom . . . which led me down to Atlanta to study linguistics . . . which led me to working with refugees.

God used all of these life experiences to prepare me for my current journey . . . Lord willing, I will complete a year of training with Radius International in Tijuana, Mexico to then embark for the jungles of Peru in September of 2017!


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