About Pioneers

Why did I choose Pioneers?

I love their goal for ministry in the jungles of Peru.  Amazon Jungle Missions really sums up the strategic plan. Go in to a tribe and follow up with a Wycliffe translation, learning the language and the culture of the people; living among them and teaching them to know how to use their new Bibles.

Another reason I chose Pioneers as my sending agency has a lot to do with their core values.

1. Passion for God

The Great Commandment is our motive for the Great Commission. We want to live our lives fully surrendered to Him so that all nations may know that He alone is God.

2. Unreached Peoples
Pioneers focuses on those with the least opportunity to hear and understand the gospel.

3. Church-Planting Movements
They want to see new believers united in fellowship with other believers, forming churches that plant churches—until all peoples are reached.

4. Ethos of Grace
Understanding that each person bears the image of God, they endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect in all our relationships, encouraging each one to attain his or her full potential in Christ.

5. The Local Church  
Pioneers partners with sending churches to plant new communities of Christians. They also work alongside local, indigenous fellowships wherever possible.

6. Team-centered
Teams that are both task- and member-focused are the core of Pioneers. This is crucial since many of the world’s remaining unreached peoples are in difficult and isolated pockets of the world.

7. Innovation and Flexibility
Reaching the world’s remaining unreached peoples requires creativity and a sensitivity to the unique calling, vision, and needs of each missionary.

8. Participatory Servant-leadership
Pioneers has a decentralized leadership structure. They are principle- rather than policy-driven, applying an interactive approach to decision making that is based on trust.

In addition, I was also looking for an organization that had a pretty good idea of what it would look like to do pioneering REMOTE JUNGLE missions.  And when I found out that the president of Pioneers is Steve Richardson, the son of Don Richardson, author of Peace Child, I knew this organization knew what they were doing.  If you’ve never heard of Peace Child, I strongly encourage you to check out this video of when Steve went back with his dad fifty years later.
You can also find out more about Pioneers by directly visiting their website, Pioneers.org.