These are all books or videos which have been an inspiration for me as I’ve been led along this arrowed adventure.  My passion for God’s glory around the globe didn’t happen overnight and much has come by seeing what God has done in the past.  I encourage you to pick one or two and start reading/ watching/ learning/ growing! They are in no particular order and I bolded the ones that are the best ones to begin with. Happy reading!

Pioneering Tribal Missionaries

Isobel Khun-All 7 books

            Green Leaf in Drought Time

            By Searching

            Stones of Fire

            Whom God has Joined

            Nests above the abyss

            Second-Mile People

            Children of the Hills

James Fraser

            Mountain Rain: A Biography of James O. Fraser

            Behind the Ranges: The Life Changing Story of J.O. Fraser

Ron Snell– Parents with Wycliffe Translated for the Machiguenga people

            It’s a Jungle out there

            Life is a Jungle

            Jungle Calls

Don Richardson


       Eternity in their Hearts- MUST READ! Redemption stories around the world

            Peace Child- Video 50 years later w/Steve Richardson

            Lords of the Earth

There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub- Brian Hogan- Church-Planting Movement in Mongolia

The Amazing Danis-David Scovill- 50 years of ministry in Papua, Indonesia

At the Foot of the Snows- David Watters-Kham people in Nepal

Marilyn Laszlo

            Mission Possible- Single woman translating in the jungles of PNG

            A is for airstrip- Amazing children’s book to teach ABC’s and jungle life

In Search of the Source- Neil Anderson- Wycliffe Bible Translating in Papua

If God should choose-Roni Bowers’ story- by Kristen Stagg- Peru

Bruce Olsen

            Bruchko- Astonishing story of a 19yr’s  capture by the Motilone Indians 

            Bruchko & the Motilone Miracle

David Sitton

            Reckless Abandon

            To Every Tribe with Jesus

From Cannibalism to Christianity-Margaret Stringer

The man with the bird on his head- John Rush

Spirit of the Rainforest-Mark Andrew Richie-Yanomamö Shaman’s story in the Amazon

All the Day Long: Missionaries Reaching Tribes in the Amazon- Dawsons

Christ’s Witchdoctor- An autobiography of the first one to believe in the village.  I met Irene Benson, who lived in this tribe from 30 years. 

Irene Benson- who introduced me to Christ's Witchdoctor story
Irene Benson- who introduced me to Christ’s Witchdoctor story

And the Word came with Power- Joanne Shetler- Amazing translation story

2,000 Tongues to go- Wallis & Bennett- The origin of Wycliffe Bible Translators

Under a Thatched Roof- Mrs. Rosemary Cunningham-used to inspire Jim Elliot to go…

Brad Buserletters requesting missionaries

Waordani/ Aucas in Equador

Through Gates of Splendor- Elizabeth Elliot

Mission to the Headhunters- Frank & Marie Drown

The Savage, my Kinsmen- Elizabeth Elliot

The Journals of Jim Elliot

The Dayuma Story: Life Under Auca Spears- Ethel Emily Wallis

Unfolding Destinies- Olive Fleming Liefeld

End of the Spear- Steve Saint

Gentle Savage Still Seeking the end of the Spear- Minkaye Aenkaedi

Aucas Downriver: Dayuma’s Story Today- Ethel Emily Wallis- Super fun story telling about Dayuma’s visit to Chicago

Other Missionary stories

Evidence Not Seen- Darlene Deibler Rose

Transformer of Culture: William Carey

To the Golden Shore: The life of Adoniram Judson- Courtney Anderson

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

Kisses from Katie- Katie Davis


Frontline Missions- Tim Keesee (You can watch the trailers for the Dispatches here) 

TK founder of Frontline Missions, speaking on suffering at the Desiring God Conference 2016
TK founder of Frontline Missions, speaking on suffering at the Desiring God Conference 2016

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 1- Islands on the Edge

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 2- A Bold Advance- Albania, Montenegro,

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 3- I once was blind- West Africa

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 4- Souls of the Brave- India

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 5- Father, Give me Bread- Ethiopia

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 6- The Power of His Rising- South Asia

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 7- Day of Battle –North Africa

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 8- No regrets, no retreats- China

Dispatches from the Front: Episode 9- Every Tribe- Cambodia, Laos (Coming Soon)

Other Tribal missions videos

Elinor Young- Little Bad legs

Kimbal Tribe Bible Dedication

Brad Buser- Iteri people

Ee-Taow! The Mouk Story video