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Abi Yoder recommendation

God-given talent and personality focused on His glory is a joy to see. It’s an even greater joy to be a part of it! Abi has tenaciously pursued God’s direction for life and ministry. A unique verve and teachability are marks of God’s work in her life and of spiritual fruitfulness yet-to-come in service to others. Connecting with Abi will give us a front-row seat for seeing God at work in reaching the nations with the Gospel through her eyes. No doubt, we will see the highs and lows, twists and turns, exhilaration and exhaustion, of this dear servant of Christ, giving all to follow Jesus. Yes, she needs our prayers and partnership. I wholeheartedly commend Abi Yoder to you. Let’s go to Peru with her!

David Meade- Propempo Ministries